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FALL, 2021                                                  VOLUME 17, NO.4

GENERAL MEETING:  The board voted to cancel the General Meeting of November 21st. A spike of Covid cases in Douglas County led to this decision. Board meeting is November 19th at 2:00.

 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS:  Phil and  Judi  Jones,  Canyonville,   Bronson Pickett,   Canyonville,

Aaron Lowe, Azalea, and Barbara Cooper, Azalea.

 Note:  Jack Kinder, of Myrtle Creek, became a member in August and passed away in September. Condolences to his family and friends.

OUR CONDOLENCES to the families and friends of long-time members, Joan Barnes, of Canyonville, who passed away in August, and Lucille Boyd, of Riddle, who passed away in October.

GRANT:  A grant of $4,800 has been approved by the Canyonville Masonic Lodge.  The grant will be used to complete some much needed improvements to the museum grounds and a possible reprint of a book. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS! THANK YOU, MASONS. Your generosity is appreciated immensely.

PAVING is in the future of the museum due to the generosity of Society President Marilyn Chandler. A contract has been signed with Knife River to pave the driveway and parking spaces. What a wonderful gift and vast improvement this will be. Thank you, Marilyn.

Marilyn Chandler was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and studied and graduated from Los Angeles Harbor Junior College with a 2 year degree and prepared to transfer to University of Oregon since her parents had moved to Eugene; however, she found she wasn’t quite ready to say “Goodbye” to California so did her Junior and Senior years at Pepperdine College graduating with a BA and ready to teach.  She began her teaching career in Gardena as a Kindergarten and first grade teacher for 3 years. Finally, she made her move to Oregon and Canyonville in 1963.

What a lucky day it was for Canyonville when she accepted the position of fourth grade teacher. She loved her students, but her heart was always at the first grade level, so after 2 years, when the first grade position became open, Marilyn eagerly accepted.  She taught first grade for 24 years and then finished her 33-year career at Canyonville Primary School as the Kindergarten teacher. Upon retirement, Marilyn chose to continue to live in her adopted community.  She knows her former students as adult friends which must be interesting. I wonder how many became the adult she might have predicted in first grade?

In 2001, Marilyn and Joan Barnes, decided to bring back the immensely popular “Old Tyme Family Album” (started by John Hall) to Pioneer Days. They continued it for many years. Old-timers miss it, and newcomers would love it if it were revived. She and Joan also participated in “Art Express” for 17 years. Art Express was a group of volunteers who went into the elementary schools of Douglas County and taught an Art History lesson along with an art project.  (Continued on back)

Marilyn got involved with the Historical Society because Virginia Proctor and Sue Shaffer asked her to “help” with the Queen’s Court of Pioneer Days and soon she was in charge. This got her interested in the history of this area and now she is our President. She understands the best way to learn is by being around other people, especially children. Yes, indeed, Canyonville got lucky. We love you, Marilyn Chandler. Thank you for loving us.






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